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Bridge to Life is proud to have sponsored two webinars in the ILTS Insights series. Each webinar can be watched below:

Basics of Liver Machine Perfusion (Oct. 30, 2020)

Given the current landscape in liver transplantation, with a shift from younger donors to more older, obese, and DCD donors as the sources for human grafts, dynamic organ perfusion preservation strategies have become a priority in this field. In this first Bridge to Life supported Webinar, experts will discuss the basic science behind the different strategies for liver perfusion preservation and how these strategies may be used to recover, evaluate, and even improve the quality of livers for transplantation.

Objectives: Understand the basic necessities for both hypothermic and normothermic machine perfusion and the potential benefits and pitfalls associated with each modality, including how each may be used to assess liver viability prior to transplantation.


  • Overview on Mechanism of Action and Effects of Hypothermic (Oxygenated) Liver Perfusion (James V. Guarrera)
  • Overview on Mechanism of Action and Effects of Normothermic Perfusion in Liver Transplantation (Peter Friend)
  • Liver Viability Assessment during Machine Perfusion (Andrea Schlegel)
  • Panel Discussion

Liver Machine Perfusion at the Frontline (Nov. 6, 2020)

The second Bridge to Life sponsored Webinar delves into the clinical application of machine perfusion in liver transplantation. Experts will discuss the clinical trials that have been performed to date, those that are currently underway, and those that are still needed as well as how liver machine perfusion preservation is expanding throughout different parts of the world. The webinar is organized by the ILTS DCD, Liver Preservation & Machine Perfusion Special Interest Group.

Objectives: Understand the liver machine perfusion trials that have been reported to date and their findings and gain insight into trials being performed currently.


  • Liver Machine Perfusion Clinical Trial Update (Cristiano Quintini)
  • Global Expansion of (Liver) Machine Perfusion (Paolo Muiesan)
  • What Future Trials are Needed in Liver Machine Perfusion (Paulo Martins)
  • Q&A