Association of Organ Procurement Organizations

AOPO is dedicated to the special concerns of Organ Procurement Organizations and provides education, information sharing, research and technical assistance and collaboration with other healthcare organizations and federal agencies.

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American Society of Transplant Surgeons

The ASTS is active in many arenas including the training of transplant surgeons, the dissemination of clinically relevant scientific information, the important issues of reimbursement and transplantation economics. This organization is a vital resource to surgeons who serve patients who need or have needed an organ transplant.

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U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration

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International Society for Organ Preservation

As a source for education for all who are interested acquiring knowledge in the fast expanding field of organ preservation, the ISOP also seeks to educate and equipment those who wish accreditation in organ preservation.

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International Transplantation Nursing Society

Online source for Clinical Transplant Nursing Education and Organ Transplant Research. ITNS provides a forum for learning about the most current advances in transplantation and transplant patient care.

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Organization for Transplant Professionals

Committed to the advancement of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, NATCO is comprised of a diverse group of professionals: Procurement practitioners, Transplant practitioners, Hospital Development specialists and Public Education specialists.



United Network for Organ Sharing

A private, non-profit organization that manages the U.S. organ transplant system under contract with the U.S. federal government.

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Community Organizations

Bridge to Life supports efforts to increase organ donations and provide support to transplant patients including through the organizations listed below.

Donate Life America

Donate Life America is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to raise awareness for organ donation. By telling people about the life-saving gift that donation represents, their goal is to encourage more people to make the choice to become donors.

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Donate Life Rose Parade Float

Since 2004, the Donate Life float entries in the Rose Parade have served as an annual tribute to organ and tissue donors. The idea of Rose Parade Donation Theme floats originated by Gary Foxen, a transplant recipient who also happened to be a Rose Parade volunteer. He’d been trying “to find a way to repay society for this wonderful gift of life”.

The goal of each Donate Life float is to create an opportunity for donor families, living donors and transplant recipients to inspire the world to save and heal those in need through the gift of life.

Since 2010 Bridge to Life has supported the Rose Bowl Parade Float entry and also provides grants for organ donor families to attend the parade.

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Gabriel House of Care

Bridge to life is one of the supporters of Gabriel House of Care located in Jacksonville on the Mayo Clinic Florida campus, where comfort and peace of mind is offered to families way from home requiring long-term medical care a offers comfort and peace of mind to families requiring long-term medical care away from home. When caregivers and cancer and organ transplant patients are far from home for weeks or even months, the emotional and financial burdens can become overwhelming. Gabriel House of Care’s goal is to alleviate some of these concerns by providing an affordable extended-stay hospitality house, along with their friendship and compassionate support.

Funded entirely by philanthropy, the Gabriel House at Mayo Clinic in Florida provides affordable, extended-stay lodging and a supportive environment for visiting cancer and transplant patients and their caregivers.

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Gift of Life Family House

Bridge to Life is one of the supporters of Gift of Life Family House located in Philadelphia, PA that serves as a “home away from home” for transplant patients and their families by providing temporary, affordable lodging and supportive services to those who travel to Philadelphia for transplant-related care.

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Organ Donor Hall of Fame

Based online, the Organ Donor Hall of Fame was started by Michael and Sheree Jones to honor their son Chad who died tragically in 2009. Chad donated his organs to four strangers, enabling them to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. The Organ Donor Hall of Fame is dedicated to recognizing the heroes who improved the lives of others through their selfless gifts.

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