Organ Transplantation Associations


Association of Organ Procurement Organizations

AOPO is dedicated to the special concerns of Organ Procurement Organizations and provides education, information sharing, research and technical assistance and collaboration with other healthcare organizations and federal agencies.


American Society of Transplant Surgeons

The ASTS is active in many arenas including the training of transplant surgeons, the dissemination of clinically relevant scientific information, the important issues of reimbursement and transplantation economics. This organization is a vital resource to surgeons who serve patients who need or have needed an organ transplant.


U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration


International Society for Organ Preservation

As a source for education for all who are interested acquiring knowledge in the fast expanding field of organ preservation, the ISOP also seeks to educate and equipment those who wish accreditation in organ preservation.


International Transplantation Nursing Society

Online source for Clinical Transplant Nursing Education and Organ Transplant Research. ITNS provides a forum for learning about the most current advances in transplantation and transplant patient care.


Organization for Transplant Professionals

Committed to the advancement of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, NATCO is comprised of a diverse group of professionals: Procurement practitioners, Transplant practitioners, Hospital Development specialists and Public Education specialists.


United Network for Organ Sharing

A private, non-profit organization that manages the U.S. organ transplant system under contract with the U.S. federal government.

Transplantation Resources

UW Madison Division of Transplantation, Department of Surgery

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Transplantation has been on the forefront of organ transplant advancement since 1966.

UW Health Transplant Programs

“Transplant at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics is one of the world’s foremost organ transplant programs. Internationally-recognized as a leader in organ preservation, transplant surgery and care of transplant patients, this major academic medical center has served those in need throughout Wisconsin, the United States and the world for over 40 years…”

UW Health Transplant Services

Learn more about the University of Wisconsin Health Transplant Services