Hope Takes FlightBy: Marlene Lewis

Hope Takes Flight began as a conversation about many of the compelling issues surrounding the future of organ transplant. One of those issues is the vast number of people in urgent need of a transplant at any given time, and the feelings of helplessness about the lack of availability.

Another aspect is the amazing transformative power of hope. There is a true metamorphosis that occurs when a person is given a second chance at life. So often, we are given a second chance, and don’t appreciate it, because the body is simply able to heal itself and we go on.

“But, when that cannot happen on its own…when a person is dependent on another to give him or her that chance to repair, an amazing thing can happen. The mundane no longer seems mundane. Life rejuvenating itself becomes miraculous”, said Marlene Lewis of her painting.

Hope Takes Flight represents a miraculous feat. Vertically, the painting is an hourglass. Horizontally, the same painting becomes a beautiful butterfly. The idea of an hourglass transforming into a butterfly emerges as a metaphor for the process of anticipation and the moment when one can soar. It also represents the race against time for a new chance at life, the amazing moment when one is given a second chance. A chance to fly…

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