Bridge to life is one of the supporters of Gabriel House of Care located in Jacksonville on the Mayo Clinic Florida campus, where comfort and peace of mind is offered to families way from home requiring long-term medical care a offers comfort and peace of mind to families requiring long-term medical care away from home. When caregivers and cancer and organ transplant patients are far from home for weeks or even months, the emotional and financial burdens can become overwhelming. Gabriel House of Care’s goal is to alleviate some of these concerns by providing an affordable extended-stay hospitality house, along with their friendship and compassionate support.

Gabriel House of Care welcome Cancer and Transplant Patients and their families

Gabriel House of Care – Extended-stay Hospitality

Funded entirely by philanthropy, the Gabriel House at Mayo Clinic in Florida provides affordable, extended-stay lodging and a supportive environment for visiting cancer and transplant patients and their caregivers.

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4599 Worrall Way
Jacksonville, FL 32224



Gabriel House of Care, Jacksonville, FL

The Gabriel House of Care dedication took place on March 17, 2011 on the Mayo Clinic Campus in Jacksonville, Florida.