Reimagine the Future of Organ Transport and Preservation

Reimagine the Future of Organ Transport and Preservation

For Sterile Slush Preparation

Now featuring a durable triple-bag package where you can easily break-up ice. Available in the U.S.

  • Strike the frozen bag with a mallet
  • Refreeze the solution
  • Store frozen up to 3 months – ready when you are
  • Bag optimized for elasticity and 3X durability at low temperatures
  • Reduce breakage and scrap: save money, save time


EasiSlush® is sterile, non-pyrogenic, isotonic and is contained in a sterile, flexible, non-PVC bag with approximate calculations as follows:

  • Osmolarity of 308 mOsm
  • Sodium concentration of 154 mEq/L
  • Chloride concentration of 154 mEq/L
  • pH of 5.2 at 20°C


1¼ Liter in a 2-L bag

A sterile-barrier, inner pouch maintains sterility of the EasiSlush® bag.

The sterile-barrier pouch consists of a clear front and a Tyvek® back. Pouch design includes a peelable seal with a chevron to facilitate opening.

A clear, outer pouch maintains cleanliness of the sterile-barrier pouch.


It is recommended that this product be stored unfrozen at 2°C–25°C (36°F–77°F). Avoid excessive heat. Brief exposure, up to 40°C, does not adversely affect this product.

EasiSlush® may also be kept frozen at temperatures between -30°C to -4°C (-22°F to 25°F) for up to 3 months.


EasiSlush® slushed solution is intended for topical cooling of in-situ, abdominal donor organs during intraoperative recovery from the donor. It is also intended to maintain organ hypothermia during storage and transport to the transplant recipient.

EasiSlush® slushed solution is used to establish, and maintain hypothermia of donor organs during recovery, storage, and transport.

Unique Package Design

  • Makes high quality slush
  • Flat bag (1¼ Liter in a 2-L bag) for controlled stacking and slush manipulation
  • Clear bags make slush easy to see and evaluate

Patent Pending

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EasiSlush® Sodium Chloride Solution for Slush Preparation

EasiSlush® is stored in wide, flat bag (1¼ Liter in a 2-L bag) for controlled stacking and slush manipulation.

EasiSlush® packaging provides triple bag durability to reduce breakage and scrap.

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