Bridge to Life - Reimagine the Future of Organ Transport and Preservation
Reimagine the Future of Organ Transport and Preservation

You know Bridge to Life for our unwavering commitment to quality and service. But we’re more than that. We’re focusing beyond product needs to be a true partner to the transplant community – constantly looking for new ways to increase the quality and quantity of donor organs to save more lives. Because for us, it’s not just about solutions, but the entire journey.

Only 1 in 200 People qualifies to donate an organ

even qualifies to donate1

Over 109,000 candidates are on the U.S. transplant waiting list

are on the U.S.
transplant waiting list2

240 people die every day while on dialysis

die every day while
on dialysis3

$49 Billion is being spent annually on COPD (Lung)

is being spent
annually on COPD (lung)4

Bridge to Life is committed to advancing organ delivery, preservation and revitalization technologies so more organs can reach more people in time—and save more lives.

Advancing Machine Perfusion Technology

Advancing Machine Perfusion Technology

In order to expand organ supply we must find simpler, more cost effective tools to aid in preserving, assessing, and reclaiming donor organs. At Bridge to Life we’re working to advance emerging technologies that do just that.

Organ preservation and perfusion solutions

Preservation and Perfusion Solutions

Organ procurement organizations and transplant centers around the world rely on Bridge to Life to provide Belzer UW® preservation and perfusion solutions with the highest in customer service. And we’re continually exploring new solutions to offer more options and better outcomes.

Featured Product Innovations

VitaSmart™ Machine Perfusion SystemVitaSmart™
Machine Perfusion System

Available in all countries accepting the CE Mark. Pending clinical evaluation and regulatory clearance in all other countries.

Organ Preservation & Perfusion SolutionsPreservation &
Perfusion Solutions

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